Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wake's Jeff Teague talks

Wake's talented sophomore guard Jeff Teague instantly became one of my favorite ballers after I watched him get down on teams during his freshman campaign in 2008.

He's got a very good game. And, he's the first Wake guard to really impress me since my main man Chris Paul. I like how well Jeff plays inside and out. I like how smooth he plays. I especially like how confident he looks while he's on the court. J-Teague definitely has that swagger I love in athletes.I caught up with Teague to get his thoughts on a number of things during the week of the NCAA tourney.
He and I also talked about what Wake would have to do to be a better squad next season. His Deacs got bounced in the first round by Cleveland State this year. I also asked him if he were going to return next season. He declared for the 2009 NBA Draft a couple weeks after wek talked. Take a look at some of the other things we talked about during a cool conversation.

Anthony: What's going on, Jeff?

Jeff: Nothing, really. Just been chilling. Getting ready to head to Indy for the Easter break. It's going to be good to see family and friends I haven't seen in a while.
Anthony: Let's talk a little basketball for a minute.

Jeff: All right.

Anthony: Characterize this past season for me.
Jeff: I mean, we did pretty good. We were ranked number one for a minute. We beat some good teams. We did some good things. We definitely finished better than a lot of people predicted. It was kind of disappointing to not advance in the Dance. But Cleveland State wanted it more than we did that night.
Anthony: That's an understatment. What happen to you all that night? Nevermind. (Both laugh.) I don't even want to go there. I talked to someone that played against you in high school. And, he said that you drive to the cup more now. Do you penetrate more than you did in high school?
Jeff: Uh, I penetrated a lot in high school. But I also shot a lot of threes because it was easier to get my shot off. I guess you can say I'm a better penetrater now.
Anthony: (Smiles.) Who are you picking to win it all?
Jeff: UNC.
Anthony: No doubt. What are you usually doing when you're not balling, bruh?
Jeff: Probably in the locker room playing video games with James (Johnson) and Gary. I love fighting games.
Anthony: Do you have a favorite show you like to watch?
Jeff: I still watch old re-runs of the Jamie Foxx Show during the late night. I might check out the Ray J show a little too.
Anthony: What was the last CD you bought or copied?
Jeff: Probably some Lil' Wayne CD.
Anthony: If you could play one-on-one with anyone who would it be?
Jeff: Probably LeBron. He's one of my favorite players to watch. I probably wouldn't win. He's beat me 11-3 or something like that. But it would be fun to play him.
Anthony: OK. Who wins between you and CP (Chris Paul)?
Jeff: It depends on how many dribbles we get because CP can shake you up a little bit. If we only get three dribbles then I think I could get him. We've played a little game called one-on-one-on-one. I won a couple. He won most of them. (Both laugh.)
Anthony: Let me ask you this. What is this team going to have to improve upon before next season?
Jeff: Probably defense. We stepped up on the defensive end a little this year. But next season should be better. We have some great players coming in, and coming back. We just need to step it up and get more wins on the road.
Anthony: Are you coming back next year?
Jeff: (Smiles.) Yes. I think I'll be back next year. I'm pretty sure I'll play my junior year. Anthony: If you could trade places with anyone who would it be?

Jeff: Bill Gates. I need some money. He's got all the money.
Anthony: What kind of car would you like to have right now?
Jeff: A range rover. Chris' brother, C.J., got a hot range. I've wanted one ever since I saw his last year.
Anthony: What are the hottest sneakers right now?
Jeff: Probably the latest Jordan packages.
Anthony: What do you think about my kicks. (I'm showing off my exclusive Josh Howard Air Jordans).
Jeff: (Smiles.) Oh, those are hot. Real hot. I like those.
Anthony: No doubt. Let's finish up with free association. Uh, Wake Forest basketball.
Jeff: Great program.
Anthony: Jeff Teague.
Jeff: Student-athlete.
Anthony: Josh Howard. (Dallas Maverick guard.)
Jeff: One of the greatest.
Anthony: L.D. Williams. (Wake teammate)
Jeff: Athletic.
Anthony: Best guard in the ACC.
Jeff: Tyrese Rice. (Boston College)
Anthony: We'll stop right there, bruh. I'll catch up with you later homie.

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