Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pacquiao talking about suing Mayweather

Wow... I simply knew something was going to put the super boxing match between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao in jeopardy. It was almost too good o be true.

I mean, the welterweight title bout scheduled for March 13 at the Las Vegas Grand is reportedly in huge jeopardy after news of steroid usage allegedly came from the Mayweather camp recently. reported that Mayweather's father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., has repeatedly accused Pacman of steroid use because of his rapid success in different weight classes. Now, Pacquiao wants to sue the Mayweather camp and Golden Boy Promotions for defamation of character, which I think is bullshit. And, simply a reason to prolong that a$$ whupping.

"Enough is enough," Pacquiao told "These people, Mayweather Sr., Jr.,and Golden Boy Promotions. They think this is a joke and a right to accuse someone wrongly of using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs."

The two sides can't seem to agree on the drug testing. Mayweather's camp is all for Olympic style testing, which would subject both fighters to random urine and blood test all the way up until the bout. Both sides have agreed on drug testing, but Pacman's camp is against it leading up until the March 13 fight, which is expected to be the highest grossing boxing match in HISTORY.

My question is: "WHY NOT?"

I really haven't thought too much about the possibility of Pacman using steroids or any other performance enhancing drug until now. It's really starting to look like somebody may be a little scared.

I really hope they square this away.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

NBA rookie Jennings becomes latest Twitter victim

I recently wrote a blog/ column about the usage of social sites (facebook, twitter, myspace) by professional athletes, and how some of them get into uncalled for trouble for seemingly innocent post.

I think the blog that I wrote a month ago was mainly about Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard being fine an unreal amount of money for making an innocent remark about fouling out in a game earlier this year.

The latest victim of innocent post seems to be sensational Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings (Twitter name is YungBuck3), who was recently fined $7,500 by the NBA for posting his excitement of making it to the 500 mark (overall record) on his Twitter page.

It wasn't what B. Jennings said. Apparently it was the timing of it. According to the NBA's new social site policy (also known as the Shaq rule), NBA players can't tweet during games. That's defined as 45 minutes before a game starts until after athletes have finished talking to media like me concluding a game.

Jennings said, "You would've thought I said something bad. I mean, that was a big win for us (0ver Portland)."

Indeed... B.Jennings. That's the one problem I have with the NBA, and that's the rules it tries to implement and the fines that it levies on guys that slip up. I mean, really.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NBA D-League owner advertises FAKE Jordan/ Russell game... 50 speaks on Tiger

There was a funny story out of Utah earlier this week.

Apparently, the owner of one of the Utah Flash (Brandt Anderson) tried to fool more than 7,500 fans on Monday night (December 7) by putting on a Jordan v. Byron Russell (Former Utah Jazz player) one-on-one game at halftime of his NBA Development League team's game. Anderson reportedly was going to pay the winner of the game $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

Russell was there, seemingly ready to play this fluky game. The lights were dimmed at halftime. So, Anderson thought he was going to trick the fans by halfway seeing a Jordan-look alike on the other end of the court, flanked by bodyguards.

They said that Russell was quick to grab the microphone to announce that the opponent was not Micheal Jordan. The team even made a Youtube video of "MJ" eating at a local Utah restaurant. LOL.

That's funny. I guess that owner was in need of some fans that night. I mean, come on now. I don't even know why anyone would believe a game like that was going to happen anyway. Games like that are usually played by former athletes that need the money or publicity. MJ needs neither, and never will.

Another thing that's funny is the fact that Russell was actually there, trying to re-live that moment in an NBA Finals game from years ago...when Jordan launched a game-winning shot over him to win his sixth NBA title for the Chicago Bulls. That's pretty sad. LOL.

Rapper 50 Cent speaks on Tiger incident

Rapper 50 Cent had to give his opinion of the Tiger Woods news that's constantly being talked about nowadays. Well, 50 was actually sounding like he was giving Tiger advice. Here's some of the things he said during a recent radio interview.

"He just picked the wrong girls, I guess," 50 told radio personality Tim Westwood. "...he might have trust issues. If you have trust issues and you see so many people there, like, you develop a comfort for that person. Even if you don't have a relationship with that person you still want to be around that selective party. You can tell that he was never under those circumstances because he didn't know better than to not do that. Like, even the apology before we knew what was going on. He was saying it was his fault before we even knew what he did..."

"I told ya'll Tiger was hood," 50 said via Twitter last week. "It's funny how Tiger can cheat on his wife and it's a big deal but Hugh Hefner can cheat on his wife on a reality show ere'day and it's nothing. Ain't playing the race card. I'm just saying. The media uses and abuses us over and over again. OPRAH, you all we got now. Don't F$#& up."

50 Cent always has something interesting to say about other people. LOL.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...

Woods and his wife and child. Below is Tiger and one of the women that have come out and revealed secret relations with Mr. Woods.

Wow... what can I say about golfer Tiger Woods that hasn't been said a hundred times already?

Most of you have either heard or read the many reports about Tiger's weekend accident. I must admit when I first saw the reports interrupting regularly scheduled programming I was like, "whatever." I thought he had simply hit something outside of his own yard. I had no idea about the details that have come out since the weekend.

And, the voicemail that he supposedly left on one of his women friends cellphone was just crazy. Number one, don't leave a voicemail when you're married. The things he was saying simply sounded nerdy and very amatuear. Seriously. Oh, and don't cheat. LOL.

Then, come to find out Tiger has three women on the side.... whoa. I'm a little suprised. I am not one of the many people that thought Tiger, or anyone else was/ is perfect. But I was just a little shocked to find out or hear that he was getting down like that.

I don't think any less of Tiger. He's a golfer. He just happens to be a super golfer. And, he happen to make the same mistake that many people have made. I hope he and his wife can get past this. I hope the media can let them.


I think Tiger is simply taken advantage of opportunities with women that he didn't get as a youth. Face it, Tiger was a nerd when he was growing up. He was also consumed with golf. He wasn't getting girls. Hell, not that many girls probably thought anything of Tiger when he was coming up.

It's a totally different story now. Women thinks he's sexy. A lot of women thinks he's sexy. And, a lot of women push themselves on Tiger. So, it really didn't suprise me to hear that he's allegedly been cheating on his wife. Not at all.

I did notice one thing about the three women Tiger was messing with on the side. They all have darker hair than his wife, who's a blonde.

What's also interesting is the fact that Tiger re-did his prenup. It now looks more like a sports contract. IF SHE STAYS MRS.WOODS CAN COLLECT AS MUCH AS $80Million. IF SHE STAYS FOR TWO YEARS SHE CAN COLLECT $55Million, and get a $5Million signing bonus.