Friday, June 19, 2009

Relationship questions

I figured I would post another serious blog real quick after talking with a good friend of mine recently. I posted a series of blogs about relationships (long distance, being single, dating several people and other) on my last page. As you can see, I usually post my fun interviews on this page. So, I figured I would write a lil something serious for the new page.

First, let me start off by saying I am not single. But I remember always being asked why I was still single more times than I would like to talk about. Did I really have an answer for that? Not really. I usually just saif that I simply haven't met the right one yet. I'm pretty picky (not unreasonable) too. I used to date a number of different types of people, but I would only get serious with a female that was my type. I have met quite a few great females. The best one I ever met was back in college. I'll always remember, TA. That's what I call her.

Anyway. It seems like when I met someone that I really liked it happened while I was out of town. And, I am just not into long distance relationships. And, I have yet to meet a female that's secure enough to trust me after a significant amount of time away from me. They may start reading too much into myspace messages, or the fact that I live a busy life... and I know quite a few people. It's all about being secure, though.

Then again, I don't really like the idea of having to make reservations to see or be with someone that I like. I like being able to call her at 10, 11,12 and saying, "I want to see you now." And, her be ready to come over and invite me over. I know that looks like booty call time, but I was just trying to make a point. I like availability. And, long distance relationships always seem cool at first because you're always happy to see each other, simply because you haven't been around each other in a week or so. Some people like that arrangement, as I've found out. Not me.Anyway.

A friend of mine recently got back with her ex, stating that she didn't enjoy the dating scene, and that she was willing to try to work things back out with her ex due to that fact. She KNEW what she was getting with him. No mystery. Is that settling? Or, do you really realize that your ex was the best thing for you after being without him or her for a while? And, how do you know it will work the second time around?I'd be lying if I didn't admit to wondering how my life would be if I were still with my EX (TA)... I mean, we were quite a couple for a minute. And, I still care about her. But she's happily married now. Even if she weren't married. How would she take the fact that I have been with other people? And, would that trust ever be there again? Ah, there's that word, TRUST. Then again, why not just go forward and go hard after someone new? Who knows? Oh yeah. I must remember that I am in a relationship right now. LOL.

I'm just thinking through this blog, ya know. I guess I am finished....'Preciate you reading.

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