Thursday, June 25, 2009


I like the NBA Draft.

This is always an exciting time for me because I usually enjoy watching where my boys (the guys I covered at Wake Forest while working at a newspaper) end up. This was my final year covering Wake Forest athletics a North Carolina newspaper. So, it kind of turned into a turning point for me and the NBA draft.

I’m watching to see where former Wake Forest stars Jeff Teague and James Johnson will land this year. Experts and sources are telling me that they will go anywhere between pick number 10 and 17 in the first round. I have the duo being drafted at 13 and 14, respectively. Teague will more than likely be picked by the Pacers (he’s from Indiana), while Johnson will be snagged by Phoenix on the following pick.

Here’s my complete list of first round picks for June 25th NBA Draft.

1. The L.A. Clippers will select Oklahoma's Blake Griffin with the first pick. That's a given at this point.

2. Connecticut's Hasheem Thabeet will go to Memphis with the second pick.

3. Oklahoma City will select Davidson's Stephen Curry with the third pick if they are smart.

4. Ricky Rubio, the 18-year old from Spain will go to Sacramento with the fourth pick.

5. Memphis' Tyreke Evans should be selected by Minnesota at pick number five.
6. James Harden, F/G, Arizona State will also go to Minnesota.

7. Golden State Warriors: Jordan Hill (Arizona)
8. New York Knicks: Jonny Flynn (Da Cuse/ Syracuse)

9. Toronto Raptors: DeMar DeRozan (USC)
10. Milwaukee Bucks: Jrue Holiday (UCLA)
11. New Jersey Nets: Earl Clark (Louisville)

12. Charlotte Bobcats: Terrence Williams (Louisville)
I don’t agree with this pick. He’s another Gerald Wallace. But many sources say that Williams and Gerald Henderson worked out well. But Williams got a guarantee that he is at the top of Larry Brown’s board.

13. Indiana Pacers: Jeff Teague (Wake Forest)
14. Phoenix Suns-James Johnson (Wake Forest)

15. Detroit Pistons: B.J. Mullens (Ohio State)
16. Chicago Bulls: DeJuan Blair (Pittsburgh)
17. Philadelphia 76ers: Brandon Jennings (Italy/ Oak Hill Academy)
18. Minnesota Timberwolves: Austin Daye (Gonzaga)

19. Atlanta Hawks: Ty Lawson (UNC)
20. Utah Jazz: Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)
21. New Orleans Hornets: Gerald Henderson (Duke)

22. Portland Trailblazers: Sam Young (Pittsburgh)
23. Sacramento Kings: Eric Maynor (VCU)
24. Dallas Mavericks: Darren Collison (UCLA)
25. Oklahoma City Thunder: Derrick Brown (Xavier)
26. Chicago Bulls: DeJuan Summers (Georgetown)
27. Memphis Grizzlies: Patrick Mills (St. Mary’s)
28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Wayne Ellington (UNC)
29. Los Angeles Lakers or NY Knicks: Chase Budinger (Arizona)
30. Cleveland Cavaliers: Derrick Brown (Xavier)

Note: These are my picks and I am sticking to them.

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