Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Missing Gridiron Grind

Stand up ALL present and former Enterprise Wildcats.

To be honest with you, it's not my accomplishments or pitfalls that I often think about from time to time. It's the essence of the game, and where it all started for me.

I think about wanting to play with Jabaar Johnson, Obie Watkins, Eddie Cole and my cousin Andre Hill during our days with the Mixon Cubs. I then wanted to be a star on the Ozark Bears squad. I wasn't very good back then. I obviously turned out to be a decent ball player later, as some of you know.

Football used to be about fun with friends and cousins.
Again, it's not the touchdowns or tackles I think about the most. It's the feeling I got when I got that call from my coach to let me know when the first practice was. And, the emotions that took over when I was given my first helmet. Man, I remember running around my front yard for hours, playing game after game in my head. Boy, you couldn't tell me anything after I got the whole uniform. You already know I was back in the yard playing with my uniform on, even on game day.

Then, I smile as I think about high school ball, especially with a reunion coming. I don't really think about college ball. Probably because my college career didn't turn out nearly as good as projected. But I got a great education, and discovered a new path.


I miss wearing my favorite khakis or jeans with my jersey on Friday.

Former teammate Mark Wilkerson, who's now married to Melissa Joan Hart. 
I miss riding with Nick (Colbert), Steven, Frank Jones, Mark Wilkerson, Cory Whitfield, and all of the nice girls that showed a brother love back then. (Smiling as I type this). I miss Thursday dinners. Friday morning devotion. I miss the steakhouse meals after ALL of our away games. We were the only high school that could get a steakhouse to stay open for us at midnight.  We did it big in Enterprise.

My childhood was good, as it consisted of a lot of football. Football taught me discipline, responsibility, accountability, and how to work toward ONE goal with a number of different individuals. Gotta love football, and it's done for us former and present football stars. Ya know.

Roll Tide!