Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thinking BACK...

I sat back and started thinking while I looked at some of my old friends and/ or old classmates (via facebook) recently.

It's amazing how much some of us have changed through the years. I know I have my share of alterations as well. But I would like to think that my changes fit me today. I am not simply talking about physical changes.

The best football players I grew up around didn't make it to the league. A number of them didn't even make it out of college. One of those guys stick out in my mind more than the rest. I'm not going to say his name. But he was the best running backs I knew when I was younger. He and I used to always talk about how our lives were going to be different after we both made it to the NFL. Needless to say, neither one of us made it that far. His fall from glory is more of a surprise than my mine, though. Also, the best basketball player I grew up around ended up going to prison and gaining a lot of weight. He's living a normal, decent life now from what I can tell. But he's not in the NBA or balling like I imagined he would be when I was coming up.

Some of the prettiest girls don't quite look like they used to back in the day, to say the least. One of the smartest guys I knew turned out to be lose his way somewhere between high school graduation and his 22nd birthday. Today he's in a mental house. One reality that hurts me the most is to think about my little brother, who's everything to me. He's even made mistakes that have altered his life in ways I never could imagine. I never thought in a million years my younger brother would be in trouble with the law, be in prison or have a tough life.

It kind of makes me wish I could get in a time machine, go back to childhood and warn all of these people of the pitfalls they will face later. Give them advice on what to do to make it. Tell them all to stay focused and remain hungry for success.

There's so many examples that come to mind while I write this blog. Seriously. But there's no need to note everyone, or dwell on misfortunes. It's kind of one of those issues you wish you could bottle and deliver to younger people that may be dealing with things. You want to just show them the paths of some of the people from your life, and let them know that everything that glitters ain't gold, there's no guarantees or sure things. It also would help some of them realize that all things come to an end, no matter how great they may seem.

Everyone must make the proper audibles in life when things seem to be going the other way. Never give up or think things will change just because. DO SOMETHING. And, keep GOD first.