Friday, June 26, 2009

The other MJ still trying to buy team, draft well

Michael Jordan is still interested in buying the Charlotte Bobcats. That's a good thing because the squad is for sale.
I found out that MJ is even putting a team together to help him own the squad he's had partial ownership of for a few years now. Jordan presently has minority stake in the Bobcats and runs basketball operation.
Jordan talked to me and several other members of the media on Thursday night (June 25th). That was the first time several of us had heard from MJ since Bob Johnson announced the sell of the team last month.
I still wasn't able to find out if Jordan is close to securing the money needed to make the purchase. Bob put up $300 million for the squad. Forbes Magazine valued the team at $284 million, less than Johnson's expansion fee.
But MJ made it perfectly clear that he now wants majority ownership. Stay turned.
Why draft Duke's Gerald Henderson?
MJ didn't talk much about his ownership aspirations, though. He was spent most of the time defending the selection of Gerald Henderson of Duke with the 12th pick in the NBA draft. I wasn't satisfied with his reasons. Nor, did I understand why he thought Henderson, a guy with very little upside, could help the team take another step forward.
The Bobcats finished with their best regular season record last season (35-47).

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