Friday, July 31, 2009

Women love harder than Men

I've come to the conclusion that women love harder than men.

What I mean by that is: MOST Women will remain with a man through a lot more bullshhh than most men will tolerate.

Let me give an example. A lot of women have either been cheated on, or knows of someone that has. More times than not the woman or women that were cheated on took their significant others back.

I think it's deep and genuine love that probably pulls a lot of women back to their man when something like that happens. On the flip side, there's many men that have called it quits and never really opened that door again after his lady cheated on him. Some men might still have sex with their ex-lady after something like that occurred, but the trust and deep affections slowly slip away or get hidden.

My mother took my father back after he had a child outside of their marriage. I can't say that my dad would've done the same if my mother had flipped the situation. (Note: I'm glad my mother was strong enough to remain in the marriage.)
I can't even say that I would remain in a marriage if that had happened to me. But I know of many relationships and/ or marriages that have remained after incidents like that have occurred on the men's side.

I know there are a number of women that are quick to say they'll leave their man if he cheated or had a baby outside of a marriage or deep relationship. Some of those same women would be right back with him by the end of the week after he pleaded his case, and announced his stupidity. I'm not saying that's wrong. A lot of guys make mistakes in relationships. I'm included.

I'm simply saying that women seemingly put up with more. Maybe it's the idea of living a fairly tale life, or having that happy ending with a big, happy family.

I personally just believe that women love harder than men.

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