Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still sad over loss of MJ

Just like most of you, I was very sad when I initially heard the news of Michael Jackson passing. I wanted to believe that he was going to make it through. Who would've thought that MJ was ever going to leave?

I was waiting on reports and newscast to calm all of the millions of fans that were in disbelief that he may be gone. Then, MJ was comfirmed gone. I felt like I had lost a family member. But I was seemingly better the next few days that followed.

But I felt all of my emotions rush to me once again after watching the commercial free funeral on television on July 7. It was held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. Kobe and Magic even spoke at the funeral. Everyone was trying to call it a celebration. And, I wanted to believe it was just that. But I couldn't help but feel sad after hearing Stevie Wonder, Smokie Robinson and Rev. Al Sharpton speak. It was clearly a funeral to me after hearing them speak. I almost cried. I honestly wanted to cry. But I held it together somehow.

I can't express how much I'm going to miss the King. He's been the King for most of our lives. I can't wait for the tribute album. I hope Quincy Jones produces it, and puts the right people with the right songs. Can you imagine some of the singers and songs? It's most definitely going to be a classic.

I'm going to continue to jam off the oringal songs of the King until then. After all, his songs and legacy will last forever.

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