Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Girlfriend" kills McNair

Nashville police have confirmed that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was killed by his alleged girlfriend Sahel Kazemi.

The bodies were discovered last Saturday afternoon by McNair's longtime friend Wayne Neeley, who rents the condo with McNair. Neeley told authorities he went into the condo, saw McNair on the sofa and Kazemi on the floor but walked first into the kitchen before going back into the living room, where he saw the blood. Police say that Kazemi shot McNair multiple times while he was asleep. Friend of Kazemi said that she may have been upset after hearing that McNair (who was married) supposedly had another relationship going on.

The entire situation is sad. I'm also sad at the way McNair has been portrayed through the media. All I keep reading and hearing about is how he cheated on his wife. What he reportedly did was not good by any means.

He definitely shouldn't have been cheating on his family with anyone, especially not some 20-year-old. He should've divorced his wife if he no longer wanted to continue that relationship. He shouldn't have been taking trips, buying whips and touching lips with some young, apparently crazy chick.

I feel so bad for his widow and kids. I really do. I know one thing. This should make people think harder about CHEATING. You can't play with a person's heart these days... apparently.

I also feel badly for Steve McNair. I definitely feel bad for him. No one should have to go out like that.

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