Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why is breaking up hard?

Breaking up is definitely a difficult thing to do.

Even relationships that aren't quite working out are hard to say goodbye to sometime. Maybe it's the fear that one might be making a mistake by letting the other person go. Or, maybe it's the fear of starting over or having to learn someone new that makes breaking up so hard.

And, why is it hard to see the person you broke with having a good time with somebody else even when you're the one that broke up with them? Another one of the crazy facts about most break-ups.

What's even harder is breaking up with someone for no apparent reason other than you've lost interest. We've all been in a relationship that we just weren't quite feeling anymore. You start to look at the other person and just make faces and think about how much you don't like him or her anymore. Then you start to look for reasons to break up.

You're like, "Why did you slam my door? See, that's why we can't be together. You don't respect my things." LOL. Or, you might say, "You don't give me enough space. This just isn't working." Seriously, you tend to look for the smallest things and make them out to be huge.

In an ideal situation, one simply explain to the other person that things aren't quite working out and they would understand. They might even hit you with a, "I'm glad you broke this off before we invested too much time. I respect that." Instead, it's usually, "So, who are you f'ing now or what did I do or what can I do to make things better?" At that point, you simply don't want things to get ugly.

I don't know. Why can't breaking up be easier? Better question: why is it so hard to meet someone that is really right for you? Sorry, I am simply rambling through this blog.
Note: Can you believe that Kelis wants fap star Nas to pay $80, 000 a month after their divorce is final. He only earns a little over a 100,000 a month reportedly. That's when it's CHEAPER TO KEEP HER. LOL.

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