Monday, July 20, 2009

So many distractions these days

I would love to be married someday. I envy my male friends that are HAPPILY married.

I also wonder how some of them remain totally honest with their wife. The same can be said about some of my female friends and family that are married. It seems there are so many distractions these days when it comes to marriage and relationships. I'm serious.

I'm not talking about glancing at a nice ass, face or body in the mall. I'm also not talking about wishing you could hook up with Gabrielle Union or Halle Berry after watching their latest movie. Those aren't really distractions for a relationship.

I'm not even talking about working in an office full of beautiful and smart women. That is a helluva distraction, though. Some of those honest lunch dates do tend to make co-workers a little closer than normal. But I'm not really talking about that either.

I'm talking about the reckless flirting, constant conversations and occassional lusting that goes on when using sites like facebook or myspace. I've lost a girlfriend over things she didn't like about my myspace page a few years back. I still can't help but shake my head at that. I will admit that I wasn't keeping it completely real with her. At the same time, I wasn't considering what I was doing as cheating either.

I was talking with a friend of mine about this the other day, and she said that she and her man would have a page together. That's cool, I guess. But what about when he or she misses having their own page? Then, they create another one under a fake name or whatever.

I don't want to go on and on about this. I'm just saying that there's a lot of new distractions these days that can end something special. A distraction is all it takes to end something good most of the time.

I want to have what my parents had. Real love that kept them together to this day. Something tells me those days are over... especially with technology of today.

P.S.: This blog is not directly talking about anyone or everyone. It's just a little something that was on my mind the other day.

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