Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...

Woods and his wife and child. Below is Tiger and one of the women that have come out and revealed secret relations with Mr. Woods.

Wow... what can I say about golfer Tiger Woods that hasn't been said a hundred times already?

Most of you have either heard or read the many reports about Tiger's weekend accident. I must admit when I first saw the reports interrupting regularly scheduled programming I was like, "whatever." I thought he had simply hit something outside of his own yard. I had no idea about the details that have come out since the weekend.

And, the voicemail that he supposedly left on one of his women friends cellphone was just crazy. Number one, don't leave a voicemail when you're married. The things he was saying simply sounded nerdy and very amatuear. Seriously. Oh, and don't cheat. LOL.

Then, come to find out Tiger has three women on the side.... whoa. I'm a little suprised. I am not one of the many people that thought Tiger, or anyone else was/ is perfect. But I was just a little shocked to find out or hear that he was getting down like that.

I don't think any less of Tiger. He's a golfer. He just happens to be a super golfer. And, he happen to make the same mistake that many people have made. I hope he and his wife can get past this. I hope the media can let them.


I think Tiger is simply taken advantage of opportunities with women that he didn't get as a youth. Face it, Tiger was a nerd when he was growing up. He was also consumed with golf. He wasn't getting girls. Hell, not that many girls probably thought anything of Tiger when he was coming up.

It's a totally different story now. Women thinks he's sexy. A lot of women thinks he's sexy. And, a lot of women push themselves on Tiger. So, it really didn't suprise me to hear that he's allegedly been cheating on his wife. Not at all.

I did notice one thing about the three women Tiger was messing with on the side. They all have darker hair than his wife, who's a blonde.

What's also interesting is the fact that Tiger re-did his prenup. It now looks more like a sports contract. IF SHE STAYS MRS.WOODS CAN COLLECT AS MUCH AS $80Million. IF SHE STAYS FOR TWO YEARS SHE CAN COLLECT $55Million, and get a $5Million signing bonus.

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