Friday, November 27, 2009

Nothing like Alabama/ Auburn rivalry

I've seen countless sporting events and numerous rivalries during my years as a sports journalist.

I can easily say that there's no rivalry like the Auburn versus Alabama football game. I know many of you will mention Duke and North Carolina basketball. Some of you will say Michigan v. Ohio State or Florida v. Florida State football. Or, maybe even Oklahoma versus Nebraska. There are a lot of great rivalries and games in college athletics. I simply don't know of any that take over like Alabama versus Auburn.

I haven't been in Alabama for an Iron Bowl in years, so I honestly forgot the intensity of the situation. I was in Enterprise, Alabama for during the Iron Bowl this year. Every other car I passed either had an University of Alabama or Auburn tag, Roll Tide or war eagle flag, or license plates and stickers to show support. Sure, most people see things like this in the same city the game is taking place. But I am talking about just about every city in Alabama. Did I mention that everyone was seemingly wearing Alabama and Auburn paraphernalia on the day of the game?

I can honestly go on... but I won't. I simply wanted to blog about something that was on my mind for a minute.

Roll tide... 26-21.

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