Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NBA D-League owner advertises FAKE Jordan/ Russell game... 50 speaks on Tiger

There was a funny story out of Utah earlier this week.

Apparently, the owner of one of the Utah Flash (Brandt Anderson) tried to fool more than 7,500 fans on Monday night (December 7) by putting on a Jordan v. Byron Russell (Former Utah Jazz player) one-on-one game at halftime of his NBA Development League team's game. Anderson reportedly was going to pay the winner of the game $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

Russell was there, seemingly ready to play this fluky game. The lights were dimmed at halftime. So, Anderson thought he was going to trick the fans by halfway seeing a Jordan-look alike on the other end of the court, flanked by bodyguards.

They said that Russell was quick to grab the microphone to announce that the opponent was not Micheal Jordan. The team even made a Youtube video of "MJ" eating at a local Utah restaurant. LOL.

That's funny. I guess that owner was in need of some fans that night. I mean, come on now. I don't even know why anyone would believe a game like that was going to happen anyway. Games like that are usually played by former athletes that need the money or publicity. MJ needs neither, and never will.

Another thing that's funny is the fact that Russell was actually there, trying to re-live that moment in an NBA Finals game from years ago...when Jordan launched a game-winning shot over him to win his sixth NBA title for the Chicago Bulls. That's pretty sad. LOL.

Rapper 50 Cent speaks on Tiger incident

Rapper 50 Cent had to give his opinion of the Tiger Woods news that's constantly being talked about nowadays. Well, 50 was actually sounding like he was giving Tiger advice. Here's some of the things he said during a recent radio interview.

"He just picked the wrong girls, I guess," 50 told radio personality Tim Westwood. "...he might have trust issues. If you have trust issues and you see so many people there, like, you develop a comfort for that person. Even if you don't have a relationship with that person you still want to be around that selective party. You can tell that he was never under those circumstances because he didn't know better than to not do that. Like, even the apology before we knew what was going on. He was saying it was his fault before we even knew what he did..."

"I told ya'll Tiger was hood," 50 said via Twitter last week. "It's funny how Tiger can cheat on his wife and it's a big deal but Hugh Hefner can cheat on his wife on a reality show ere'day and it's nothing. Ain't playing the race card. I'm just saying. The media uses and abuses us over and over again. OPRAH, you all we got now. Don't F$#& up."

50 Cent always has something interesting to say about other people. LOL.

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