Thursday, March 26, 2015

Conversation with CP3's father

Here, Charles Paul (right) poses with CP3 and CJ Paul during a shoe release party.
I was collecting and editing a few conversations for my book earlier this week when I stumbled upon this interview with NBA superstar Chris Paul's father.

This interview was actually from May of 2007. Most of you that know me are aware that I am pretty tight with CP3, and have talked with him several times. So, I thought it would be cool to get the perspective of his father, Charles Paul.

This conversation definitely turned out to be another one of my favorites, as Charles is very cool, funny and honest. Charles and I talked about a number of things, such as Chris, Winston-Salem, which team would win a title and a number of other things.

Take a look at our candid conversation from a few years ago.

Anthony:  What's going on, Charles?
Charles:  Nothing much. Just sitting up here, watching the Toronto and New Jersey (basketball) game.
Anthony:  Who are you picking in that one?
Charles:  Jersey.
Anthony:  Which team are you picking to win the whole thing?
Charles:  Man, I'm going to tell you what -- I like the way the Warriors are playing. But I believe Detroit has that experience factor. I like the way both of them are playing right now. But if Chicago gets past Detroit then I think Chicago will win it all.

Anthony: That's my pick. Chi-town will win it all. Hey, give me your thoughts on Dirk. He looks to be slippin' this year.
Charles:  Man, he's not slippin.' (Laughs.) Those boys are playing some defense. They don't care how tall he is, or that he can shoot. They're just throwing bodies at him.
Anthony:  Has your impression of the NBA changed since you've gotten a chance to see it behind the scenes and up close?
Charles: A little bit. Some guys can still play when they want to. Overall, I usually revert back to the old days. I still think the boys from back in the day were deeper.

Anthony:  Is Chris (Paul) as good as most people think he is, in your opinion?
Charles:  Yeah, Chris does what he does. He likes to get everybody involved. If he can get everybody involved and they win then he's happy.
Anthony:  When did you realize that CP was the real deal?
Charles:  Probably his sophomore year, on JV. He played in the tournament at Carver. I told him that he took it (his game) to another level after that.
Anthony:  How much has your life changed in the last two years?
Charles:  The only thing different is the way people come at you. That's the only difference. We still live in the same house. We still hold the same values, believing and trusting in God first. We never expected either one of our kids to be at this level. We just knew that both of them were good enough to get a scholarship.

Anthony:  That's good. Hey, how's Robin (CP's mother) doing?
Charles and Robin Paul.
Charles:  She's doing fine. She's up here watching the game too. She's a ball freak too.
Anthony:  How much traveling do you all put in during a year?
Charles:  It's a lot of traveling. We just left from out here (Oklahoma) when Chris had his surgery.  Then we had to turn around and come right back yesterday. We probably go somewhere every other week. Robin is out here more than me because I am doing the AAU thing.

Anthony:  That's right. How are the AAU teams (CP3 All-Stars) doing?
Charles:  We're doing pretty good. Our 15s and 17s are doing really good. Our 15s finished second in the state this week. Our 17s have been to the LeBron tournament, and Charlie Weber tournament twice. Our 15s have played in the 'Melo tournament. Things are going really good.
Anthony:  Did you get to watch any of the (2007) NFL Draft?
Adrian Peterson.
Charles:  No, I didn't get to see it. But we know Adrian Peterson. I met him and his daddy. I just seen his daddy a few minutes ago.

Anthony:  Cool. What do you do during your free time? What do you do for fun?
Charles:  Play basketball. I play basketball and bowl. I try to stay in a little shape.

Anthony:  I hear that. Most people have heard the stories of you making Chris and C.J. (CP's brother) bind their hands behind their back and play full court -- among other things. Have you thought about becoming a basketball personal trainer?
Charles:  Man, I would love to do that. But I really don't have the time to do one-on-one stuff. That's why I coach AAU ball, trying to give it to the kids in that way.

Anthony:  Let's switch it up a little bit. What are you listening to a lot of these days?
Yolanda Adams singing.
Charles: Any Yolanda Adams song. I'm a gospel man.
Anthony:  Free association. Charles Paul.
Charles:  Normal man.

Anthony:  Winston-Salem.
Charles:  I love it. My home.
Anthony:  Essence Festival.
Charles:  Excellent event. Beautiful for our people.
Anthony:  New Orleans.
Charles:  New Orleans is still struggling. It's a struggle to get things back to where they were. We've been down there at least 10 times since Katrina. We went down there and met with Kenny Smith, Alonzo Mourning and all of them to help clean up...
Anthony:  That's what's up, Mr. Paul. I'm gonna let you get back to your night. I appreciate the time.
Charles:  I appreciate you.