Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Comedian B-Daht, aka Brian McLAUGHlin entertains

So, I was at a close friends house recently when I noticed another friend on the upcoming season of Nick Cannon's Wild N Out. 

My old buddy Brian Mclaughlin, who most of us call B-Daht, is on Season 6 of the show, which begins tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 7 on MTV). There's a shameless plug for my dude. I always knew/ thought he was going to be a great comedian one day. This is seemingly just the beginning for the guy who started his career as simply a very funny dude on a radio station in Greensboro, NC.

Watch B-Daht on Wild N Out.
That's where I met him. He also announced Winston-Salem State sporting events during my time as a sports journalist in Winston-Salem in the early 2000s. Brian and I sat down for a fun interview back in 2008, where we discussed a number of topics, such as Chris Paul, the NBA Draft, Josh Howard, Mariah Carey and a few other things that I may include in this blog.

I definitely enjoyed this one. I think you will too.

Anthony:  What's good, B-Daht?
Brian:  Nothing much, man. Coolin.' Just leaving the Goodwill.
Anthony:  (Laughs.) Were you dropping some nice stuff off?
Brian:  Nah, man. I'm shopping, dude. Stop playing. I'm shopping. (Both laugh.) My mom actually works at the Goodwill on the white side of town. I went by to see her. They also had a nice computer desk. I've had my computer on the nightstand for  the last couple of months. So I went ahead and bought that thang.
Anthony: (Laughs.) I got to ask you if you're finally over Nick Cannon marrying Mariah Carey?
Mariah and Nick. 
Brian:  I guess I'm over it. There's no point in hating. I just envy his position extremely. I don't even like Mariah like that. I wouldn't even holla at Mariah Carey if I was famous. I don't think she's even dope. Just the fact that Nick Cannon bagged her is crazy. Like Jermaine Dupree and Janet Jackson. It's like I had a shot, man.

Anthony:  (Laughs.) No doubt. How 's this year been going to be for you?
Brian:  It's been good. My son turns 2, Aug. 2. That's great. I was also on Maury Povich. I don't know if you saw that. I was on there for a secret crush episode. That was crazy. A lot of people still ask me if it was serious. Just look at the tape. Do you normally see Daht walk around with his pants up to his nipple. (Both laugh.) You don't see that.
Anthony:  I see that you're "Pranks" DVD is starting to pick up. Where did you get the idea for that? Were you a Jerky Boys fan or something?
Brian:  Nah, man. I am not even a fan of the Jerky Boys. That came out of the blue. That was like Punked. I do the same thing, except I do it on the phone. My idea was to just do celebrities, and them say they just got pranked. My first volume was extremely low budget. I might've moved eight copies. (Both laugh.) It was crazy. This time I went and hollared at my folks, Ricky Ruckus. He's a fool with Photoshop.
Anthony:  Big shout out to the homie, Ricky Ruckus.
Brian:  No doubt. Big shout out to the homie. As a matter of fact I need to holla at him tomorrow because we have a banger that I'm going to post on my page real soon. We're going to link it to Youtube and get a million hits. I'm telling you first, Ant.

Anthony:  That's cool. Let's talk about sports for a moment. Do you feel like this was the worst draft year ever?
Brian:  It depends on which team you like. I'm pretty sure Portland fans would say the '83 draft was the worst in history.
Anthony:  Give me your thoughts on the BET awards (2008).
Alicia Keys during the 2008 BET Awards.
Brian:  It was bootleg and poorly produced. I was excited to see Alicia Keys and that outfit. She killed it. And, she brought out SWV, En Vogue and TLC. I also enjoyed laughing at Rick Ross and his belly hanging out. I got crunk with the energy that Ludacris brought out. Al Green didn't know if he wanted to be gospel or gangsta. (Both laugh.)

Anthony:  (Smiles.) No doubt. Let's go into free association. 102 Jamz.
Brian:  Hottest station on the planet. I honestly mean that. If we were in New York it would be bananas. Everybody on our roster is talented. This is a hot station.
Anthony:  Chris Paul's Winston-Salem Weekend.
Brian:  Off the chain. Bananas. Celebrity-filled. Memories.
Anthony:  Definitely. Dream date.
Ray J with a pair of CP3 shoes.
Brian:  Kim Kardashian. That's my secret crush right now. But don't tell Ray J. I'm not even worried about Reggie Bush. I'm trying to get Chris (Paul) to fly me down to kick it with him (in New Orleans). Then, get around Reggie to talk to Kim...make it happen. Then, I'm outta there.
Anthony:  (Laughs.) Josh Howard (former NBA all-star).
Brian:  The mayor. I give him so much props. He's so underrated on and off the court. He's a smart dude. He just needs to watch the people that he keeps around him. He's a great dude that always gives back. A lot of things that Josh does goes unnoticed.

Anthony:  I agree. Um, B-Daht.
Brian:  Still grinding. The funniest dude around. I'm really about to take it up a notch in this comedy. I'm just now getting my foundation started too. It's a nonprofit called D.A.H.T (Daht attempting to help teens). I'm geared at helping 13-19 year-old kids. Also, the Pranks DVDs are out. I'm looking for some more spots to sale it. Right now you can order them off my site or pick them up at Fresh Flava's at the Walkertown shopping center. I'm still grinding. Just trying to keep moving forward.


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