Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hornets guard Jarrett Jack chats

I recently spoke to New Orleans Hornets point guard Jarrett Jack at an event he and I both attended.

Jarrett and I had a great conversation, and I simply decided to record a portion of it for my blog.  I first met Jack while he was a star at Georgia Tech. I still remember him saying, "We came to Winston-Salem to beat up Wake, and now we're taking it to the house."

Take a look at some of the things we talked about during a recent interview.

Anthony: J-Jack. What's good. I'm just gonna ask you a few fun questions. Nothing crazy. We're just gonna have some fun. You with it?
Jarrett: Let's do it.

Anthony: How's the NBA been treating you, J.J.?
Jarrett: It's been nothing but a pleasure. I couldn't ask to be doing anything better. I worked so hard to get to this moment. I'm taking it all in, and enjoying every aspect of it.

Anthony: I'm looking around at all of these NBA stars. And, all of you are friends and hanging. Growing up it seemed like the best players didn't like each other. Did you ever think the NBA was going to be like this?

Jarrett: I don't think so. (Laughs.) But I think our friendship comes from having a mutual respect for everybody. When you get to know some of these guys off the court you'll see that they're pretty likable guys. That's how friendships start.
CP and Jarrett Jack have been friends since playing AAU.
Anthony: You and CP (Chris Paul) actually met during an AAU tournament when you like like 11 or 12 years old.
Jarrett: (Smiles.) It's kind of crazy how God brings people together. I was playing in a tournament when he was 11, and I was 12. He was watching me and I was watching him. His father even said that he came over and had a conversation with me at that particular time. I guess that was the a start to a good friendship.

Anthony: (Smiles.) How good were you back then?
Jarrett: (Smiles.) I was pretty good. That was basically why his father came and talked to me. He told me that I was going to be something special. Hopefully he was right. (Smiles.) I don't know.

Anthony: I hear that. What are you doing when you're not balling, J?
Jarrett: I actually like to go to the movies. I go to the movies by myself. It's kind of my way of getting away from everything. You know what I mean? That's pretty much all that I do.

Anthony: OK. Who was your favorite basketball player growing up?
Jack loves to watch movies.
Jarrett: I really didn't have a favorite player growing up. Everybody liked Jordan. (Smiles.) Everybody wanted to be like Mike. I just liked teams. I looked at teams and saw who was matched up against who.
Anthony: Give me your top 5 players in the NBA right now.
Jarrett: Top five right now. (Pause.) Kobe, LeBron, um.... I'd put Chris in there. He's my guy. Kevin Durant and D-Wade.
Anthony:  Cool.  Let's finish with free association. Point guard.
Jarrett: Myself.
Anthony: Georgia Tech.
Jarrett: Winning.
Anthony: Atlanta.
Jarrett: Black Hollywood.
Anthony: Chris Paul.

Jarrett: Good friend.
Anthony: The Joel. (Wake Forest home court)
Jarrett: A tough place to get a W.
Anthony: Toughest point guard to check in the NBA.
Jarrett: It used to be Baron Davis.
Anthony:  No doubt.
Jarrett: Right now it's probably Derrick Rose.

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