Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shaq still trying to serve & protect... in Cleveland

According to the Associated Press, big Shaq is looking to continue a sideline career in law enforcement since he's living in Cleveland playing for the Cavs.

Spokesperson John O'Brien of the Cuyaohoga County sheriff's office said that Big Shaq has applied to become a special deputy in Ohio. If he's approved, he'd have to complete 30-something hours of police training within six months and take an Ohio police exam.

Oh, I heard he'd also have to pass a shooting test at the range from about the same distance as the free throw line. LOL.

"He would have the right to carry a gun and make arrest," O'Brien told the Associated Press. "... but not be a paid, formal employee."

Shaq previously served in Florida, Arizona and Virginia. That's what's up, Shaq. He doesn't let the millions of dollars he's stealing from the NBA (because he's half the player he used to be) slow down his ambitions to fulfill his dreams in law enforcement. I think that's great.

I can't sit here and say that I'd still be trying to work for someone if I had cashed in millions of dollars in professional sports checks. I mean, I definitely wouldn't be trying to be a police.

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